About us
Faster, cheaper, and safer drugs through Ai and automation
Phenaros is a spin-off drug discovery company from Uppsala University. We use phenomics (large scale cell morphological profiling) combined with automation and governed by AI for the discovery of new and repurposing drugs against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Apart from pursuing an in-house drug discovery pipeline, we also establish partnerships where we provide access to our discovery platform.

We are an AI-first drug discovery company. This means that AI is central to everything we do, and that wet-lab experiments are carried out to support the models and confirm hypotheses. Human diseases are complex, and AI can accelerate our understanding of complex biology and bridge over to drug discovery. But AI depends fundamentally on access to sufficient but also high-quality data. In Phenaros, we automate the collection of data and treat it as a central asset that we continuously expand, and our AI learns. This leads to faster, safer, and more efficient drug discovery.
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